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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 07:58:33 +1300

I have fought 4 battles recently and have had 2 wins, 1 loss and a draw.
With all of the battles we have designed our armies before we placed
terrain and rolled which scenerio we would use after placing the terrain.

1st Battle

Scenerio: Ambush, I was the ambusher.

My Army:

Ordos Malleus on a bike
Artillery Detachment -9 heavy artillery and 2 Hydras
Space Marine Infantry Detachment - 5 Space Marine Squads
                                 - Captain
                                 - Librarian
                                 - 7 Land Raiders
Death Company Detachment - Chaplin
                          - 7 Units
                          - All had jump packs
                          - All in drop pod
Air Detachment - 2 Thunderhawks
Space Marine Infantry Detachment - Captain
                                 - Librarian
                                 - 2 Terminator Squads
                                 - 2 Space Marine Squads
                                 - 4 Dreadnoughts
Warlord Titan - armed with 3 mega cannons and 1 close combat
Oppents army:

2 Revant Scout Titans
1 Warengine of Vaul
2 Warlock Titans
The rest of his force was aircraft, which included a Vampire
with aspects aboard it.


Where the death company landed=1
Where the warlord entered=2
Where my artillery was=3
Where my infantry was=4
Where my oppents forces deployed=5
Booby trap=t

I haven't included the rest of the terrain because it
didn't affect outcome of the battle

           bbb bbb bbb

           bbb bbb bbb bbb

       b htth
       b hhh
       b hhh

       b ffff
       b ffff
       b ffff 3
       b 4fff
       b ffff
   5 b
       b 2
Turn 1

- His forces deployed, with Revants first, followed by the WE
  of Vaul and his titans last.

- He just moved his forces, I choose not to reveal my hidden forces

Turn 2

- My Warlord entered, fired at his rear titan and didn't hit it.
- My Droppods landed, some of his flyers shoot at the death company,
  killing 2 units and inflicted 3 BM. When my
  death company tryed to assault his revants it failed both its
  leadership rolls. His revants and WE of vaul killed all expect
  one of the death companies detachments units.
- One of my thunderhawks was shot down by his flyers and other damaged
- His titans turned round to deal with my warlord.

Turn 3

- Both his Revants rushing to attack my newly revealed infantry unit
  and were hit by the booby trap.
- 1 Warlock titan died as a result of my infantry detachments fire and a
  Revant was killed because of artillery, inflicting damage on
  the Revant next to it.
Turn 4

- His flyers stripped my Warlords shields and inflicted 2 points of damage.
- His Warlock, WE of Vaul and Revant all died.
- My Infantry detachment was broken.

The game ended with my winning by something like 30 to 0

Lessons Learned

1/ Don't keep vehicles to close together, because if any part of vehicle
   is under a barrage template it is counted as being under it. My oppent
   suffered for not learning this lesson.
2/ His aircraft should have attacked my artillery on the 4th turn.
3/ He split his forces by attacking my droppods with his Revants and
   WE of vaul. The first rule of defeating an ambush is that you should
   concentrate all your forces on one spot.
4/ He should manvoured his titans so that they where behind buildings
   , but that they could have still fired on my Warlord (he could have
   done this).
5/ He took to many aircraft. If he had had aspect jump packs my infantry
   wouldn't have been so affective.

 Sean Smith 
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