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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:01:03 +1100 (EST)

> And Why are gargoyles so expensive? apparently, giving a termagant wings
> is worth nine points. I lost the intercepts with 2 to 1 odds of
> gargoyles to thunderbolts almost every time.

Are you playing the flyer rules as written? Each flyer - when intercepting
 - only gets to shoot at 1 target. Thus that 30 point TBolt gets to shoot 1
Gargoyle. Ok with 3+ armour there only a 1/9 chance of the gargoyle still
being there and theres a 5/9 chance it will be dead (as opposed to 2/3 and 1/9
assuimng 1 gargoyle is left to shoot back). However gargoyles (if theyre willing
 to take some losses) are likely to make it through and get some shots at
targets like maurauders even when being intercepted. Against THawks theyre
great too. With a gunnery value of 4 a THawk is going to cream almost anything
it shoots at - better a gargoyle than a Fighter Bomber.Finally compare the
gargoyle vs a Nightwing. Nightwings are no better than TBolts vs gargoyles yet
gargoyles can afford odds that are almost 50% better in their favour......
Im not always happy with the games balance or lack of it (as the case may be)
but when you start to think of stuff like that - the job cant be easy. Maybe
when 'the best fighter in the game' is actually worse than supposedly poorer
quality fighters at some jobs the mechanics need reviewing (or I should ignore
the fluff :) ). Actually point for point TBolts are one of the games best
fighter types. DOnt feel so bad that your gargoyles are getting hammered (
well feel free to feel bad about a situation that allows this :) ).

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> EliasYeah, I haven't been able to fathom the value of zoanthropes
> gargoyles. 'Thropes have no shot, though they are devastaing in 40K. For
> two more points you get +2 assault, +5 speed, and trade psyker for
> infiltrator. They should have got an anti tank shot, anyways. In fact, I
> think all psychers should have got an anti tank shot, 30 cm. I've only
> once used a psychic blast, to kill a really damaged war engine before a
> firefight. And that probably wasn't worth it.
        I believe 'thropes should really have had some form of shooting
ability in epic, but GW believe that "Psyker", covers that. In 40K 'Thropes
are still one of the slowest moving creatures of the swarm.

        I normally use 'Thropes to bolster an assault from spores, then
their movement doesn't matter that much and worth their points cost. Use
three, get the plus one in CC, and save one hundred plus points of combat
troops (or still have the hundred plus combat troops and get another bonus).
Not many other armies can match the numbers of Pyskers you can put in your
detachments (only Chaos, would you really want all those Daemons having an
anti tank shot)

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