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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 14:16:57 +1100 (EST)

> Rick Petersen wrote:
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> > Included in the E:40K box are 3 ork figures toting very large guns with a piece that look like it might spin like an airplane propeller (if not glued into place). The question: what are these figures?
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> > Rick Petersen
> Isnt that the squig cannon? I remember from back in the day, (89) when I
> fist started playing WH40K that those things were way powerful. It
> launches all thease squigs at your troopies.....If Im right....
        Ummm I thought it was the Shokk Attack Gun. Sounds close to what
Matthew described if it is the case. The old epic fluff basically had orks
training snotlings to jump into dark holes in which there was food. SA guns
worked cos the snotlings (really tiny orky/gretchiny beings for the uninitiated)
 are shown a dark hole at the back of the SA gun. They jump in , expecting to
get fed but instead find themselves teleported somewhere. Its meant to be a
really frightening experience so at the other end of the teleport you basically
have a bunch of crazed (and hungry ?!? :) ) snots madly chewing into anything
thats there. The teleporting is a little random but its still pretty nasty
if youre a Land Raider driver and your nice clean LR is suddenly full of
psychopathic snots. Even worse if youre a termie and they end up inside
your armour :). If it was squigs it would have been even scarier.
        The other important question - what do these translate to in the new
game. Not sure - havent looked at orks recently - prolly either a support
weapon or maybe even just a heavy weapon.
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