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I regularly speak to the staff at at least three GW stores in my area
(I move around a lot during the week) and all seem to be fairly clued
up as to what is going on as do the folks I speak to from other parts
of GW so there is a more than fair chance that the information I am
told is at least semi-reliable.

Trying to answer a few of the questions about releases that have cropped
up recently, the Imperial Support weapons are going to be released at some
stage in the future as will the new Leviathan (which has been confirmed). It
may be a while before either as two other releases have priority, firstly
the Chaos army. I don't know how many new models will be released but
judging by the size of the army it may well be split into two lots like the
IG was. I don't know how many boxed sets will be released of troops, but
it is extremely unlikely that there will be a boxed set for each of the chaos is more likely to be a mixed box the same as the Imperial Guard.

I have no news about a second Imperial Guard boxed set, although I heard
one comment about the possibility of a second one being considered for
the missing types such as Cadian, Mordian and 'maybe' even Praetorians
(this is very unreliable information and I wouldn't take it too seriously)
belief is that it is extremely unlikely (but we can hope).

The second priority on releases is the missing Titans, especially Eldar.
I have no dates about this but from comments I have heard they are high on the list
after missing the Eldar release date.

Finally, the one common thread to all of this is that unanimously all the people
I have spoken to say the same thing. If it is listed in the Armies book, it will be getting
a re-release. One of the rationale's behind the Epic 40K Armies book was to list all
of the figures that will be available for the game in one volume without additional
supplements. The only unusual exception to this rule has been the release
of the Imperial Guard Manticore...which is not technically listed. When GW
released Epic 40K, bear in mind that Epic 2nd edition material had been taken
off their store shelves for nearly a year during the games development, although
they wanted to make sure that 'most' of the current 2nd Edition models could
be incorporated somewhere in the new system, it had to be assumed that there
would be a large numebr of new gamers that didn't have some kind of Epic
scale collection. As such all the models listed in the New rules would have
to receive a re-release.

Basically, if it is in the book it will get released, if it isn't in the book....we can
probably forget it. GW have clearly stated that they will NOT be releasing
additional supplements to Epic 40K in the same way they did for SM/TL,
they wanted to keep the whole of the games rules in just one box (which is fine
as far as I am concerned).

However, If that is their intentions then if and when the Squats get re-introduced to Epic
(after their W40K release), it could prove to be a thorny problem for GW as to how
to introduce them into the game without either:
a) releasing an additional supplement or
b) re-releasing the whole of the game again with the Squats included or
c) admitting that they won't be including the Squats in Epic after all your bets.


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> When I asked about SWs at my GW store two days ago I was
> told that they were not being released because SWs are no
> longer part of the 40000 universe!
So GW staff does not even read their rulebooks. Interesting.



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