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From: Miller, Chris <CMiller_at_...>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 10:02:06 -0600

> > Not long after Empire was released, Airfix in the UK, under licence
> from
> > MPC in the US released a Hoth Battle Scene which included Epic scale
> > Snowtroopers, Rebel Infantry, Tauntaun riders, Snowspeeders, AT ATs,
> a
> > crude AT ST, an X Wing (Wings closed - can be easily converted to a
> Z95
> > for all you X-wing,Tie Fighter fans), Laser Turrets and a vac-formed
> base
> > with trenches and the rebel generators on.
> > They also did a hanger scene from Hoth with similar stuff. These
> figures
> > are ideal for Epic Star Wars.
-----------> Yes yes yes! I built this model back then (when I was 11 or
12) - it was great! And you're right, very close to epic scale - I think
that's what piqued my interest in very small stuff - I already did D&D,
so I knew about miniatures in general, but none of them were that small.
I painted them up, then a friend of mine & I sat around making rules for
it using d20's and things. I actually still have the X-wing, some
snowspeeders, and gun turrets from this thing in the parts box, though
the model was wrapped up years ago (too many moves and younger
sister/pet attacks). Came with 3 At-At's, one of which was wrecked, and
I worked so hard to get the blackened & burned effect on parts of it.
You can actually find them in hobby stores now, at least I've seen it
locally, along with almost all of the other old star wars kits they
re-released for the movies. The detail isn't as great as our epic
mini's, but it's not bad. Have to go price one of these...

Chris Miller
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