Re: [Epic] Alternative Movement Rules

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 07:32:59 +1300 (BST)

On Sun 22 Feb, COOK MATTHEW JOHN wrote:
> On 21 Feb 98 at 17:47, Sean Smith wrote:
> > Alternative Epic 40k Movement Rules

> >
> > Vehicles:
> >
> > - half their movement if moving through a wood during the movement or assaultphase (
> except for bikes, horses and other similar units);
> > - half their movement if crossing a stream and river ford during the movementor assa
> ult phase;
> > - half their movement if crossing a marsh and or swamp during the movement orassault
> phase;
> > - vehicles crossing a marsh or a swamp must immediately halt if they roll a
> > 1,2 or 3 on their dangerous roll;
> > - no vehicles can enter ruins, except for bikes horses and similar units,
> > which move at half speed.
> Hmm, this and the woods could be a use for dozer blades. If have
> upgrade for x points and the modelling with blade then maybe allow
> ruins and maybe woods. Alternatively could say need tracks rarther
> than wheels to move through ruins/rubble.

I like the idea of the upgrade with dozer blades, but real life dozers move very slow
compared to the battle speed of tanks. As for tracked vehicles being able to move
through ruins, in WW2 tanks were prevented from moving through ruined streets just
as much as any other vehicle.

> > War Engines
> >
> > - Only War Engines (WE) which have legs can enter ruins or woods, however
> > they move at half speed;
> What about Gibletgrindas they could move no penalty in previous
> system. Do all Tyranids count as having legs and if so is this
> unfare advantage.

Gibletgrindas would count as having legs I guess and yes tryranids do all
count as having legs, I would appreciate comments on whether people consider
this gives them to much of any advantage.

> > - WEs crossing a marsh or a swamp must immediately halt if they roll a 1,2
> > or 3 on their dangerous roll.
> Hmm maybe should change this to 1,2,3,4 to notate more likely to
> sink because of extra weight?
> Just some ideas for possible tweeking but yeah I'd be interested to
> here how playtesting would go with these rules.

Next weekend I am playing a game (IG vs Chaos), so hopefully I can persuade my
opponent to use these rules in the game.

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