[Epic] 3D Blast Markers

From: Howard Liu <h2liu_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:57:42 -0800

>>> 3-D Blast Markers, Range Rulers (in metric, of course), special dice,
>>> templates,

>>What are 3D Blast Markers?

>Little styrofoam balls painted to look like explosions. Lets you know if
>the guys in buildings were hit, whether the eldritch storm blocks LOS, etc.
>I don't know their exact form via GW, but we made some out of the styro
>balls from craft shops.

You would think so, but when I looked at the photo of what's in the boxed
set (WD 206), the only things identifiable as possible 3D blast markers
appeared to be nothing more than two explosion-shaped pieces of cardboard,
each with a slit down the middle, and stuck together perpendicularly to
create an blast marker that stands up.

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