Re: [Epic] what should i run as a 3000 point army against eldar?

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 22:35:02 +1300 (BST)

On Mon 09 Mar, L. Brian Hayes wrote:
> gentlemen, (and ladies if there are any present)
> I have a game scheduled for this thursday (3-12) set up against the
> dreaded Eldar. (I run a Imperial army, heavy marines) I would like to know
> what the general opinion is as to what type of force I should field? The
> battle ground will be a very close city fight. I'm wanting to use 1 Warlord
> Titan and as many foot troopers as I have. 3000 points give us alot of
> room. I have 4 Thunder Hawks _at_ my disposal and I'm thinking of dropping 4
> dreads and terminators in his rear deployment zone along with other
> nasties. I''m not wanting to cheese (too much).
> For reference the guy I'm playing has lead from the original Space Marine
> game and has collected EVERYTHING so he will be able to cheese me if he
> would like. He even has all three of the original Ordinatius vehicles. No,
> he won't sell them even though I have tried to get my hands on them.
> My opponent is a friend so all is fair in love and war. :)
> Brian

Take lots of artillery (600 to 900 points). Form a strong defensive line in
front of the artillery, then pound him to hell. You will then him put in
between a rock and hard place, if he stays back he gets pounded by the
artillery, if advances he faces marines on overwatch. Also make
sure you have at least 45cm between detachments in your defence line
and terrain, this will prevent his aspect warriors with jump backs
being able to attack your detacments without being fire upon. You
will of course need to ensure that your detachment have units that can
fire 45cm or other detachments nearby which can cover them.

Remember your artillery is excellent for dealing with his pop up units
because it can do prep fire, artillery is also excellent for dealing
with WE of vaul because artillery fires before WEs.


Sean Smith
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