Re: [Epic] My Database, AGAIN

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 08:07:50 +1300 (BST)

On Wed 11 Mar, Elaine P wrote:
> I think Steve & Sean both have valid points.
> For those who are new or building a new army, it is nice to be able to
> look at how someone else has built a detachment and what function she/he
> had in mind when constructing the detachment. Was it to fulfill a
> battlefield function, or was it to capture the flavor of the 40K
> universe?
> However, looking at a single detachment alone is not as helpful as
> looking at a army list. Detachments work in harmony with other
> detachments. You may have used the best and freshest mushrooms, but
> your guests will remember the taste of the dish, not the ingredients.
> --Elaine

I couldn't have put it better myself Elaine.

Sean Smith
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