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>Excerpts from epic: 16-Feb-97 Re: [Epic] Titan weapon slots by Chad
>> As far as I know they don't. The Carapace Multilasers are placed on the
>> back two carapace slots. No 'banners' seems to be the only disadvantage,
>> but then you can always kit-bash. The only real restriction seems that
>> you need to buy them (or make them).
>Okay, you're right. The only problem is that they can only fire in the
>rear 180. And with 15 cm, 2 dice, 5+, no save mod, *now* I certainly
>hope that they *are* free.
> Who says that they HAVE to fire in the rear 180? They are point defence
   and they should fire 360. We have always played them that way. It is just
   GW made the things to fit in the banner pole slots, that's why itis
assumed that
   they fire rearward. Kind of like the Squat Colossus' battlecannon firing
in a
   360 arc.


Think about guys - Carapace multi lasers are for titan defense there short range and no sv mod implies they are defense against infantry. Surely you are not suggesting that titans are only charged by infantry from the rear. In the orignal rules titans could mount more than two weapons on the carapace. GW made the titan (plastic) with 4 slots for mounting weapons/banners/control towers and the like.

If the positioning bothers you... consider the Warp and Harpoon Missile bits. These were clearly made to mount under not on the carapace. Now some whiners out there say that its wrong (blah blah blah) since new rules say missiles are carapace (on) mount only. I don't think so.

Wake up.

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