Re: [Epic] 2000pt 'ideal' IG Army

From: J. Michael Looney <mlooney_at_...>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 17:51:14 -0600

Aaron wrote:

> I got burned once, because you can't support unless some of your units
> are touched, I had a bunch of HH just sitting there, watching their
> buddies die. A clever (or cheesy) opponent can screw you by charging
> your flanks. Besides, I saved 25 points buy joining them anyway.

Oh, he is CHEESY... He used TACTICS on me. Damn that not how your
supposed to play the game. Your just supposed to "get stuck in".

Oh, sorry, was have a flash back to the last time I saw some teenagers
playing WH40K. The dude that was winning had an army of mainly squads,
with only the bare legal minimum of characters. He was doing fire and
movement, insuring good fields of fire and all that. The 2 that he was
trashing seemed to be at or beyond the legal limit on GLSG. This was
the game that I heard some one say that he didn't think if fair that a
character could be killed by a rank and file grunt, even if the
character was charging straight at the squad in question.

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