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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:19:31 +0000

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On 22 Apr 98 at 2:45, Alan E & Carmel J Brain wrote:

Hi Alan,
I'm interested mainly in ( quantity depending on prices):
 Eldar infantry (not guardians only !!)
 Space Marines infantry (not tactical only !!)
 Imperial Guard infantry (everything !!!)
 war walkers
 scout titans
 phantom titan (s)
 warlock titan(s)

Maybe we continental europeans (Dirk Vormann, Philippe Deville, Francois
Bruntz, Carl BIlen and me) can organize a single expedition from usa to europe
to minimize postage cost.

What do you think about it Dirk ??



Luca Fazio


Please reply to luca_fazio_at_... address only, I have problem with my mail service !! Thank you !
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