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From: Simon Dodds <c9415355_at_...>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 10:07:16 +1100 (EST)


The latest draft for Net Epic will be posted at the EPICentre in a couple of
days (i would have done it earlier, but i was sick).

I agree that discussion of NetEpic has been the main source of mail to the
list. I have considered unsubscribing as soon uni will start up and the
influx of mail may be too great. Also, with the construction of Net Epic
taking up so much room, I feel that we may be intimidating those on the list
who are not particularly interested in the NetEpic project and are simply
here to discuss the current Epic system.

It's true that outside of the mailing list, there has been very little
input. I have posted to the r.g.m.w newsgroup a number of times and there
has been no response. Nobody has written to me after seeing the NetEpic
stuff on my page. I will contact the GW gateway again as Kaare (the
maintainer) was rather intersted in the idea but when he wrote to me it was
before any NetEpic info was added.

I have no idea how to form a new mailing list, and the simple forming of a
multiple address list sounds good.

But I do have this idea. Recently I found out about setting up a free
guestbook through Lpage. I have 2 - one at the EPICentre, and one at the
Phantom Tollbooth (just my personal page) and they both work quite well.
Within a week of placing it there, 5 people have written in the one at the
EPICentre (none were directly about netepic but there was a lot of
complaints over e40k). Now, what if I was to set one up purely for NetEpic?
To add something to the discussion, sign the guestbook. To see the current
discussion, view it. When the latest set of rules is posted on the
EPICentre, this mailing list can be notified.

This way, the mailing list is freed of all NetEpic material, it doesnt take
up any room on my geocities account, you dont have to be on this mailing
list to get involved, and NetEpic discussion doesnt fill up your inbox.

How does that sound?


Simon Dodds

"I don't need to see the world through rose-coloured glasses, for my
        eyes are naturally bloodshot."
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