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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 16:05:51 +1000 (EST)

>Jes Goodwin, however, is amazing. His minis look great, and I would kill
>to pencil sketch like him. His sketches for the Tyranids, Necromunda
>material, Imperial Titans, and the Eldar Aspect Warriors (way back) are

He definitley has a talent. He has the ability to create some great figures
and his pencil sketching is just great. He is responsible for some of the
best work done by GW and deserves most of the praise for GW's success. The
only figure he has done that I was disappointed with was the 40K space
marine dreadnaught.

> I am glad that White Dwarf is starting to include new art -
>Around WD 180 or so, I was getting mighty tired of the relentlessly
>recycled art. I'm especially fond of the new Fantasy artist, who draws in
>a somewhat cartoony style. I'm still not going to pay money for the
>magazine, but it's an improvement.

Me I love the little cartoons. Kinda like what Sergio Aragones (all praise
his name) used to do in the middle bits of Mad magazine. It is definitely a
positive. But like you I refuse to pay the high cost to get the heaps of
junk mail in eacj issue.

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