[Epic] GW Sale

From: Jimi Tubman <jimi_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 17:22:08 +0100

I recently reported that the GWUK clearance sale was to start today -
unfortunately I was wrong!!

The flyers for the sale are out today, whilst the sale itself starts on
Saturday 23rd.

GM box and GM blisters at 50% off.

GM vehicle boxes at 25% off.

Epic box and blisters at 50% off.

Old style paint pots at 50pence each.

Store-painted miniatures (the ones in the display cabinets) are to be sold
at normal cost price.

Store-made scenary to be auctioned off.

Apologies to anyone who was mislead by my earlier posting.

Jimi :)

ps GM and Epic stuff are to be only sold via mail order, prior to being
discontinued (heard from GW mole).
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