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Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 23:17:56 EDT

     E40k Chaos is due for release in either June or July. However, my source
tells me that we will only be able to buy the new Chaos minis in either the
boxed set of basic infantry (choas marines, cultists, various chaos beasts,
etc.) or, and here is the kicker, a chaos army boxed set along the lines of
the large space marine battle force boxed set for the tune of $80 (U.S., that
is). What does this mean, you may ask? NO BLISTERS!! Let me repeat. NO
BLISTERS. E40k will soon be relegated to minor league status like Necromunda,
but not cancelled, not YET, at least.
     Yes, it would be nice to let GW know what we think about the future of
Epic (or even the present!), but I'm afraid it will fall on deaf ears. All we
can do is enjoy what we have and expect no support from GW. I, for one, am
going to embrace NetEpic and acquire more original figures from Bartertown and
the archive service.

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