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From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 11:47:31 +1000 (EST)

>Correction, why would you spend $30.00 (US) under the new pricing scheme for
>a battletech model you could get for 1/4 the price?

I can't wait to see the Aus$ price :(

>As to playing WYSIWYG, if the only purpose of that is to give GW more money,
>why bother? I doubt there will be many official tournaments, as I doubt
>that this game will be very popular. It is very similar to Battleforce by
>FASA, a Battletech spin-off, and as far as I can tell, my brother and I are
>the only people that are ever bought that.

Hey I know a guy that bought it. Never played it, but he bought it.

> It has been abstracted so much
>that it would appear that it is not entirely a stand alone game anymore. It
>will only be really fun to those people who play 40k as well, since almost
>all flavour has been removed from the game, and it seems to be only a way to
>run really big 40k games. In addition, the game will no longer be as easy
>to play as before since now the game is much more dependent on tables. From
>what I've seen on the net, most Epic players aren't too interested, and
>neither are most 40k players.

Tables, I thought we still needed tables to play now? Oh tables as is charts
and references, oh that'd suck if there are trying to make it like War Law
form the guys that did Rolemaster. Now there was a game doomed to die. Us
rolemaster junkies with it's multitudes of tables had trouble figuring out
War Zone. I have heard nothing but scorn from epic players for the new game,
especially if their current figures are forfeit, and the 40K players have as
much disregard for the new epic40K as they do currently for epic. GW will
pump and hype it for at least three months though, then move back to 40K and
WFB and leave it alone again.

>I was under the impression those darkish lumps on its shoulders were the
>carapace weapons, as when you look at them closely, they look like two guns
>on each shoulder pointed skywards. Pretty hideous in general though, make
>those egg carton Warlords look like masterpieces.

Yep, my old warries are looking damn good with their flowers and bright
colours I can tell you.

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