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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 13:28:57 +1000 (EST)

>Both players get to move and fight in the same turn rather than alternating
>like WH and WH40K.
>In each phase, players draw a counter from a mug or cup to see who has the
>initiative and gets to act first (or second). The cunning part is that
>although they are only four phases, five counters are placed in the mug -
>three for the side with the best strategy and two for the other side. As
>counters are drawn for each phase they are kept out of the mug until the end
>of the turn, so an early run of the luck in gaining initiative means you
>won't be getting it later ! (This part I do not quite get it)

So if I understand this correctly, the army with higher strategy (ala 40K)
could effectively win 3 out of 4 initiatives and is assured of 2. Sounds to
me the this strategy will be just as important (and silly) as the 40K manner
of initiative.

>When a detachment fires, it totals up the firepower values for all of its
>units which are within range of the enemy. You then take your handy firing
>chart and cross reference this firepower total against the target type and
>whether they are in cover or not. This gives you the number of dice you roll
>to hit. When you roll the dice, any scores which equal or beat the armour
>values of units in the target detachment inflict casualties on them.

Seen this sort of play before and it sounds OK, and does make sense. The
target type, armour and cover modifiers are almost directly from dirtside 2.

>As well as inflicting casualties, we wanted detachments under fire to be
>slowed down and disrupted. This is because in real life (and in WH40K) being
>shot at tends to force troops and even vehicles to stop and seek cover. To
>cover this we came up with the idea of placing markers to show when
>detachments are under fire, and as a homage to WH40K we called them blast
>(SNIP) This is getting tiring :( The text below are in my own words...
>Blast markers accumulate to show a detachment is under fire, taking damage,
>squads temporarily breaking and fleeing and so on. The blast markers are
>also good in indication where the fighting is the heaviest and who's in
>trouble. Detachments with blast markers on them have to pass the "leadership
>test" to be able to move, and their firepower is reduced. At the end of the
>turn, each detachment can remove a number of blast markers as they rally.

Gee and this is from Stargrunt. Suppresion counters = blaster counters. Heck
they've even taken the leadership check to do things while under fire. And
just one point, since when in 40K does being shot at affect a figure at all?
Except for outright killing them, they are unaffected in returning fire.


Thanks, it's appreciated
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