RE: [Epic] 3000 pt battle coming up

From: Jonathan Westmoreland <JonW_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 11:06:04 -0600

Tyler wrote:

> Yes and no. I think T-hawks should be allowed in the same detachments
> as
> Thunderbolts so they didn't screw up. The problem is that if you take
> T-hawks an
> opponent can argue that you are taking Imperial units, and thus your
> Strategy Rating
> is reduced. Only an army composed solely of Marine Detachments benefit
> from the high
> strategy rating.
You might want to play Strategy Ratings like in 40k. The army's
strategy rating determines who sets up first. The commander's
Strategy Rating determines who has the first turn.

Since my gaming group plays both games, we have found that
the 40k-style Strategy Rating works much better.

Makes sense, but I also think that it should be either the majority
of the troops involved, or the Supreme Commander that dictates Strategy
Rating, not
troop composition, because it is the leader that does strategy, it is
the troops
that provide moral.

I agree with this, and that's why I think the 40k Strategy Rating
works much better.

Jonathan Westmoreland
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