Re: [Epic] Re: GW USA August Newsletter (long)

From: Jimi Tubman <jimi_at_...>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 00:24:48 +0100

>(snipped much pointless penis waving)

Penis waving?? I have better things to do with my wedding tackle than wave
it at you!!

>dear mr. tubman,

The name's Jimi - only the milkman/gasman/electric man call me Mr Tubman -
cos they want money out of me!! You arent after money are you??

> if you don't like games workshop and/or the things
> they do, please keep it to yourself or come up with
> a more mature way to convey your meaning. most of

Never said I didnt like GW - just the stupid way that they advertise their
products as if they were made of precious metal and were the best thing
since sliced bread!!

"Oh! Look!! Heres the new thumpa-wumpa-kills-anything-without-hitting!! Aint
it cool?? And it only costs one months mortgage payment to have!! Aint it
cool?? Oh! did I mention that you need at least 5 to field in your army?? I
didnt - never mind!! Aint it cool??"

> most of
> us are on this list because we actually like games
> workshop and the products they produce.

Most? So you have been elected to be the SM Spokesperson?? And I didnt even
get to vote!!

>The Darkness

The Jimi :)

"Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument an exchange of ignorance."
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