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>>>At this end we have coined the term "corporate paedophiles" to
>>>marketing practices - and I reckon it accurately describes the
>>Careful Brett, you'll be asked to leave the list cos you dont love
>>Jimi :)
> Could you please cut it or just take it to priv. email, i�m not on
>the list because i love GW, i just learned to live with it, and i�m on
>the list because i want to read about epic, not 5 replies by the same
>pissed off guy!!!!
> now QUIT IT!!!!!
> Thanks....
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OOOOHHHH Now the claws come out and the hissing begins.. Whoa watch out
it might turn into a cat fight.. hehe..

Anyways here's my several million pesos worth..

I don't like how GW scams us all with their outrageous prices and
sometimes cruddy stuff.. But Hey I love the game.. Have ever since I
first got a game of theirs'' GW that is.. But hey. it doesn't mean I'm a
slave to GW or to its stuff I just enjoy playing it and have fun while
I'm at it.. Sure all games get expensive after a while.. It happens..
But anyways lets chill.. and just go back to the fluff and the reports
and what not.. While I'm at it.. does anyone have any rules additions
they may have made up or something?? I'm always interested in new rules
and characters and what not..

Rev. James..

"667 the number of his neighbor"

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