Re: [Epic] Re: GW USA August Newsletter (long)

From: Geoff Kemp <geoffkemp_at_...>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 11:53:23 +0100

>I would grant that we all _play_ GW stuff, but I always thaought that
>people generally disapproved of GW and their unbelievably predatory
>marketting strategies.
>At this end we have coined the term "corporate paedophiles" to describe
>marketing practices - and I reckon it accurately describes the situation.

I feel compelled to comment in GWs defence, as with any thing in life it is
survival of the Fittest, and remember no is is perfect, we all make
mistakes. I work in a computing based area, and I can tell you all about
Predatory Stratergies, with IT you need to have the best. Such as the case
with Microsoft, you lot probably don `t know how good UNIX is (It`s better
than Win.x series), but which operating system is on 90% of machines
worldwide I ask you *dreaming of running Netscape on a UNIX platform*
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