Re: [Epic] Re: GW USA August Newsletter (long)

From: Tom Sullivan <starkfist_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:50:55 PDT

Here's the way I see it.

There is little or no point in announcing to the list at large that GW
sucks, because you cannot possible create any sort of useful dialog by
so doing. When a "GW sucks" post is made, an avalanche of replies is
invariably created, all of which fall into one or more of the following
     "Yeah, you're right!" (Aprox. 75%)

     "No, you're wrong! And you're an asshole!" (Aprox. 15%)

     "Yeah, you're right, but take it to private e-mail, 'cause we've
     all heard it before! Asshole!" (Aprox. 10%)

None of these, as you can see, result in any meaningful posts about Epic
40K. I think that, for the most part, the members of this list possess
a dislike of GW as a company, and a liking for some aspect of their
creations--be it rules, figures, fluff, or some combination of the
above. (For me, it's the figs, along with a sentimental longing for the
fluff of the Rogue Trader days. Just so you know.) Everyone here
would, I am certain, read a USEFUL post, rather than one that consists
of nothing but complaints. That, as has been mentioned, is the apparent
purpose of And that, for the record,
is why I'VE never posted before. Still haven't had a chance to play my
first game, you see.... Anyhow, this list is generally a good source
of, if nothing else, useful ideas and thoughts pertaining to E40K, and
tends to fire my imagination and get me to paint the occasional figure.
"GW sucks" posts, no matter how true they may be, only make me nod my
head. Sure, I appreciate the exercise, but I'd rather have the ideas,
you know?

Tom Sullivan
"For some people, success depends upon becoming well-known. For others,
it depends on never being found out."

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