RE: [Epic] nem races

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 11:07:57 +0200 (MESZ)

> The reference in Dropship to new races was not specifically just for Epic,
> it was actually in relation to the 40K universe in general. The Necrons
> have been out a while now and the Dark Eldar are one of the armies included
> in the new 40K boxed set (wait till you see the Battle Barges!). As for the
> Space Skaven...well when I posted the original rumours they were the most
> likely to get cut and were by no means confirmed at the time. They may
> appear in the future, but unlike the other two it is not a certainty.
> As for Epic...sadly there are no plans to convert any of them to Epic scale.
> That also includes Sisters of Battle.
> General opinion from those in the know is that there are unlikely to be any
> further new Epic releases now (or at least in the forseeable future).
> The Eldar Titans were the last planned releases and there was a lot of doubt
> whether or not they were going to release them or not (The Phantom is over
> 18 months old now!).
> The Warhound and Imperial support units were the only other models actually
> developed for release, but it now looks like both projects have been
> withdrawn. It is entirely possible that if there is enough renewed interest
> in Epic after the release of 40K (Next Ed) then development may
> continue...but for the moment at least the entire range is now out. Only
> time will tell.

As the latest issue of WD (224, german version) includes the old reaver
and warhound the question should be answered.


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