[Epic] Quick review of Eldar army

From: Petri Heiramo <Petri.Heiramo_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:25:59 +0300 (EETDST)


        I'm taking on a SM army at 1500 pts with my Eldar. I was thinking
if you could have a quick look and comment on its structure.

Darkloom 274
5 Scouts
4 Night Spinners
1 Fire Prism

Flying Fist 195
2 Swooping Hawks, Exarch, Warlock
8 Swooping Hawks, Exarch

Jump Spiders 195
2 Warp Spiders, Exarch, Warlock
8 Warp Spiders, Exarch

Shrieking Wind 239
2 Vyper, Warlock
10 Jetbikes

Shrieking Wind II 192
1 Vyper, Warlock
9 Jetbikes

Scorpions 220
2 Scorpions

Flying Banshees 185
4 Night Wing

        I will be facing (most probably) some generic SM detachments, some
Thunderhawks and no IG. I haven't played against the army ever. Titans are
unlikely, knights are a possibility. The guess is based on what I know of
my friend's painted miniatures.

Should I change the Night Wings for Fireprisms. I'm worried about
the Thunderhawks, since they can severely damage my 'Spinners and they are
quite essential in my army (heck, in any Eldar army). However, Fireprisms
would be able to use their shots every turn and better against armored
ground units. Night Wings would only be good against the aerials.

        BTW, is a superior commander a must in an army or is he there for
the flavor and CC/FF reroll?

        Jours, Petri

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