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On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, J Andrew Evans wrote:

> Synopsis is fine. Let me read it all first though . . .
> Actually, of course, not that much new as much is a "gathering" of Epic
> articles from WD and CJ.

Good, cos the only issue of CJ I ever bought was 1.

  Chaos rules look interesting. Daemon
> Detachments must enter in reserve (even if reserve isn't in the scenario)
> and arrive later (i.e. having been summoned).

Excellent. That gives them bloody slow 15cm movement rate daemons a
chance to get into a close assault without being shot to bits first.
> Rules for Minotaurs and Trolls - which is annoying 'cos I was using them
> as Beastmen champion stands. Pictures of Discs Riders of Tzeentch but
> no new rules . . . I think.

I just use my disc riders as CSM bikes (same with the juggers and slaanesh
steed riders). I never bother actually taking the disc/jugger/steed
option for warlord/sorcerers cos either they can't keep up with the
rhino-mounted CSM squads or the foot-slogging CSM units can't keep up with
> More nice rules for Daemon Princes allowing much expansion on the "basic"
> rules for building your own Prince in the Army book.

Have the primarchs been made official?
> Still reading . . . (but I've got to go to work . . .)

Why should that stop you? <g>

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