Re: Sv: Sv: [Epic] Eldar & Disrupts.

From: Greg Lane <greg_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 17:23:35 -0500

J Andrew Evans wrote:

> I guess I just wonder if it is a "flaw" or whether there is a strategy that
> would beat this strategy. All Artillery Imperial Guard armies would suffer
> terribly from assault. All nightspinner armies would just be the same as
> these Biovore detachments. All flyer armies wouldn't be on the board often
> enough to win - let alone get any objectives.
> What about drop pods to take out Biovore swarms? Drop pods full of assault
> troops?

Course, if they pile BM's on you after you land, then you can't assault!
Overwatch works better ... until you start playing with teh new Firepower rules
which I believe stopped the practice of landing on Overwatch.

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