[Epic] Re: Net-Epic: Marine Commanders

From: Seth Ben-Ezra <Azathoth_at_...>
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 20:03:36 -0500

On 23 Mar 97 at 18:25, Tracy Hale wrote:

> I agree that as written they are not very usefull, so how abot this.
> Tactical Skill:
> After orders are revealed a marine commander may change the
> orders of any 1 detachment within 10cm 1 level. Example
> All the units in front of detachment X are on charge while
> the marines are on advance. The CO realizes something is up
> and has the unit change to FF at the last second.
> The levels are Fallback -> Charge -> Advance -> First Fire
> This gives the commanders a chance to do something besides
> waste a special slot.
> Tracy

Cool idea, but you can't change anyone's orders to or from Fallback
without morale becoming an issue. Aside from that, it is definitely a
good idea.

Seth Ben-Ezra
Great Wolf
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