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Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 15:15:57 +1000 (EST)

>> For all the Great Unwashed out there "six-pack" is a term we use locally (I
>> don't know if it is in general use) to describe getting spiked in the face
>> by a volleyball. It hurts. Trust me.
> Not really. It stings like hell, and hurts your pride, but
>I've never seen someone *injured* by a Tachikara tattoo. (We use
>Tachikara volleyballs) And I can usually avoid getting hit full in
>the face by them... I make an exception to "keep your eye on the
>ball" when it wants it that badly.

Oh, I copped it full in the face and on the nose. It didn't stop bleeding
for an hour and still stings at the mere thought of it. And have you ever
seen someone six-packed full in the face while wearing glasses? They need
'em surgically removed ;-).


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