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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 16:32:00 +1000 (EST)

>I don't think the Eldar are very cheesy, the Chaos armies are very, very
>, very cheesy though. I hate daemon possessed tanks and dreadnaughts
>that are insane. I play Eldar and can't aford the expensive things like
>Dreadnaughts, and jetbikes. My army is all infantry with 2 support
>platforms (1 scatter laser, 1 hvy. plasma gun). I have had to go to an
>almost total aspect warrior army to fight the Space Wolf army and the
>Chaos army in my town.

It also does depend on the players in the games. I have seen Eldar armies
that were practically nothing but Dreadnaughts, Warp Spiders, Swooping hawks
and the ghost warriors (the ones with that horrible cannon) I've seen and
experienced games against them that were practically over before they
started. Mind you Chaos and Space Wolf are just as bad, especially if you
allow the puppies to use the CJ characters. They are just stupid for the cost.

>I agree that the cost of a 40k army is very high. I have over the last 6
>years put almost $1000 US into my Eldar. That includes the paint and
>brushes to paint them with. Other armies are more expensive than that. I
>can field about 4000 pts. of troops but I have few people to play

Oh boy, that's a lot of dosh. Imperial Guard would be even more expensive
then that, very much so now that the grunts are all metal.

>Oh, I almost forgot Kryomek isn't to bad. I like 40k a bit more though.

Hmmm... almost made it through a 40K post without abusing 40K. I've played
both and for background, rules play and fairness, kryomek was the easy
winner. But then I've tried to enjoy 40K since the late eighties and still
haven't liked playing it once, so I'm biased.

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