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From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 08:51:48 +1000 (EST)

>Actually, I have wanted to visit down under. All those comercials about
>Australia and talk of kangaroos and koalas roaming the city streets
>got me interested in a visit (as soon as I find it on a map). What
>I want to know is how Australians react to american accents. Round
>about here, someone shows up with a foreign accent and it's an
>instant babe-magnet. I wanna know because the way I figure it
>(judging from the comericals), Australia is just chalk full of beaches
>blanketed by 6 foot tall beautiful blond women (with just the funniest
>accents you've ever heard ;).

Dunno. Never met any 6' tall beautiful blonde women on the beach. Met
HEAPS of 5-6' tall beautiful brunettes, red-heads, black-haired, platinum
blonde women mostly in the city. Never really discussed whether or not they
like women with Ameriacn accents. Been too busy talking about other things ;-).

>I wonder if you can keep a kangaroo as a pet (just a little one).

Nope. But you can go out and shoot them. Its easier to get a licence to
cull roos than to keep them. Weird eh?


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