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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 19:00:21 +1000 (EST)

(big snip)>
> My personal favorite has to be the Irish accent, followed by the Jamacan.
> Accents can be an interesting thing. I was sitting in a Pizza Hut in
> Madrid (not my choice, I think eating american food in Spain is a mistake)
> with some ferners (a brit, a Finn, a Thai, a Hollander and some Iranians)
> and a couple of normal people (you know, americans ;). Beside us was
> a mother and her child speaking in what I, and the other americans,
> thought was very clearly a british accent. The brit, however, insisted
> the accent was american. Finally, we got up and asked her where whe
> was from. Turns out she was from the Bahamas. I would swear to this
> day she was English if we hadn't asked. The non-english speakers
> seemed unable to tell the difference in any case.
heh, wierd stuff. I have a friend who sounds American, I sound English
mosta the time (only been there once!)... gotta wonder sometimes how we
end up sounding the way we do 8)

> >Dont confuse the pseudo-Oz with the real thing, even the guys in the
> >outback who've never been to 'the big smoke' (the city) dont sound like
> >what the Americans think we do!
> But, but, what about the commercials! I saw them myself! You're not
> trying to tell me that the TV is anything less than absolutely
> correct? ;)
Surely not 8)
> You would probobly get a kick out of the stereotypes about australians
> that pervade the US (if you don't know them already). Case in point is
> the "How to speak Australian" series of commercials made for Foster's
> Lager. It starts with a man dressed in typical "outback" fashion (tan
> shorts, boot, hat, unshaven) standing at the base of a desert cliff with
> his dingo (of course). A giant boulder falls on him so that only his
> hands and feet stick out. The australian says (with heavy accent),
> "Owwww" and the translation reads "Cry baby".
Excellent!!! I'd like to see that! Hey, dont you lot get Fosters in 750 ml
cans over there? Now _that's_ a beer can 8)
> If you believed the TV you'd think that their wasn't a city in australia
> with more than 10 buildings and their aren't any paved roads, and
> everybody lives in the ruggid outback herding kangaroos.

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