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Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 12:26:21 +1000 (EST)

>Hi guys,
>I have a question concerning Space Marine chapters.
>According to GW fluff, SM chapters have roughly 1000 fighting men, but if
>you consider the huge amount of IG troops available, these numbers are
>Ex: Every planet recruits 1% of its population. "Fluffing", Davin VII had
>7 billion people (so it had an army of 70 million soldiers !). Could you
>imagine what a 1000 space marine force could do on a planet like this?
>NOTHING!!! Maybe destroy a few HQ's and then be completely wiped out!

I play IG in 40K, and trust me, it would be an unbalanced fight. I would be
in the MARINE'S favour! IG are just total crap. I have fired 4 squads of
regular IG troopers (i.e.: all lasguns) at ONE squad of 10 Marines with
bolters, a plasma gun and a Heavy bolter (roughly "equal" in points value).
I caused NO casualties while he wiped out an entire squad! Oh yes, very
"equal" in points value! So you can see my point! The IG would have to
outnumber the marines by about 10 million to one to even stand a chance and
then they would have to use tanks, artillery and War Engines to even have a
hope of taking the marines down!!!!


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