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<< 1) I presume that the Adeptus Mechanicus Ordinatus armed with
     rockets can fire indirectly. In the new rules through there
     is no mention of having the artillery special capability.
  2) Artillery I presume can only fire indirectly at enemy
     detachments that can be seen by at least one friendly unit.
     In the new rules however there is no mention of this, so
     theortically artillery can fire at any enemy detachment
     (as long as it is range), even when the enemy detachment
     can't be seen by any friendly units.
   3) It isn't clear in the rules, can deathstrike missiles
      be launched againist targets that they can't see at the
      moment of their launch?
   4) Do deathstike missiles hit their target in the same turn
      they are launched? If they don't, what speed do deathstrike
      missiles move at after they are launched? >>

1) If it doesnt have the artillery ability, then it cant fire indirectly.

2) No line of sight needed at all - presume the machines are linked to a
radra base or something behind the lines.

3) deathstrykes lack the artillery ability, so need line of sight to fire.

4) They hit as soon as they are fireed.

kris aspinall
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