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> I know what happened to some of the Primarchs (mostly the ones
> that turned to Chaos and Sanguinius), but not a whole lot about
> the rest. Can anybody fill me in or recommend some good reading?

Let's see:

Robute Guilliman was killed in a fight with a Chaos Lord and his body was
put in stasis.

Lion El' Jonson is "hibernating" within the Dark Angel's Rock.

Dorn either died of old age (!) or went missing.

Sanguinus died at the hands of Horus.

Leman Russ originally died at the hands of Chaos, but in the current version
he went on a great quest and has not been found since.

Khan of the White Scars died I believe, but I don't remember how.

The others I have no idea about except those who became pawns of chaos (I
think I even have the names of the two chapers stricken from Imperial record
somewhere! But then its been a long time since I've cleaned out my comics
and magazine box.)


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