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From: Andy Skinner <askinner_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 13:04:11 -0500

sauron1 wrote:
> Sauron1 writes; I am in the same quandry as you are! I like the "fog of
> war" and the better sequence of events and sort of the blast marker
> approach,but detest the lumping if weapons and troop types.Please eather
> post you ideas on a compromise you mentioned beteween old and new Epic
> or send it to me at {sauron1_at_...} I am trying to get
> several of the younger players in my club into epic,by giving out basic
> troops and they like the variatins of weapons and skills.Thanks
> sauron1

I've done some hacking on things like alternating movement, and
using activations like Dirtside II. (One side at a time moves
and shoots with a particular unit at a time, doing everything for
that unit at once. I think that the slowest part of the game is
the decision making process, and at least this makes all the decisions
for a unit at one time.) But those implementations were clumsy,
since Space Marine wasn't designed for that implementation. So I
think I'd be happy with a compromise.

I don't have the details in mind yet, but I would start with just
changing the sequence around. Do the phases like in Epic 40K
(movement, shooting, assault), though I think I'd just use First
Fire and Advance phases, rather than vehicles/infantry and War Engines.
Maybe allow First Fire to hold shots off until Assault and shoot
units that charge them. Assaulting units can move one normal move
during movement, and normal move during assault. No snap-fire at
10 cm. I have no idea how to add in blast markers. This is to
put the E40K phases into Space Marine, nothing much else.

Another alternative is to put some of Space Marine into E40K. I
think it is probably easy to put different units back into E40K, using
design principles similar to what is official. A problem is that
you can't separate accuracy and power of shots.

Although I do think that I would like Space Marine plus E40K phases
plus blast markers plus E40K mixed detachments, I don't know if I'd
want to change to it, just because it is hard to get people to play
house rules.

Let me know any thoughts you have, though. I will probably do some
more with it, just for fun. Points are hard--if you change rules,
you change relative effectiveness.

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