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Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 01:59:15 +0730

Below is an e-mail from Irishman who did Codex:White Scars on his very own
(all 50+ pages of it).

p.s. Looks like GW might want to do some specialisation or at least some
differentiation between the chapters (SM). BTW does anyone has the WD210 yet
? Any stuff on E40k ?

Hello everyone out there who showed intereste in White Scars,
a bit of information for you. I sent in the history I wrote
to Citadel Journal to see if they wanted to type it up. They
declined for the following reasons:

"Currently we have no plans on writing a Codex:White Scars,
but if we make another Space Marine Codex, it will most probably
be White Scars and Imperial Fists. The people here at GW have a
very definite view of how the White Scars are headed. If you check
out White Dwarf #210, we are showing how to include White Scar troops
in EPIC scale battles."

This means, that there may be an official White Scar codex SOMEDAY,
and also next month we can see what one GW slant on our favorite boys
in white. I hope they have special rules!

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