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Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 09:21:12 +1000 (EST)

>I think I'll do a thesis on this...
>Here you have the classic war between the sexes, except the ladies don't
>get a say because this is a mostly male list.
>Note that both gentlemen say that their wives/girlfriends "try hard
>but..." which isn't an actual quote, but the intent is there. On the
>other hand, the romance novel is dismissed as "crappy", and is not
>understood by the male. Hmmm....

I call them "crappy" romance novels as I have actually read one and I find
the writing style to be second-rate and thus "crappy". Its not the content,
its the style (Although the content wasn't much my style either. I'm much
more a fantasy/sci-fi fan.). And as an aside, Tash ADMITS herself that they
are pretty crappy, yet she still reads them. She likes them. The same way
I still like GW for some reason. I think they suck as a company and that
their game systems are mediocre at best. I still play them. A lot of
people seem to think I am open minded, and I like to think that too. I also
try to understand Tash's obsession with her novels, but it escapes me, the
same way she tries to understand why I play and collect my games and fails
to. We are all different and I guess that why I am attracted to her. She's
not me (I'd probably hate myself if I ever met me!).


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