RE: [Epic] Crap minitures

From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 11:15:40 +1000 (EST)

> I was just thinking of the lead marines myself. I have managed to
> scrounge up six of them and am making a really nice command stand. I
> have
> 4 with bolters (3 poses), 1 with a lascannon, and one with a bolter and
> a
> back banner (my treasure!). I'm using the heavy and the abnner + 3
> bolters (all different poses). The other one can spice up my traitor
> legion as thier Force Commander (old infanty rules).
> Anybody else ou there using the old lead ones? I don't think they ever
> offered lead infantry blisterpacks, just the single ones at the bottom
> of
> the other packages. At least in North America. Sort of cruel seeing
> as
> how they used them in all of those battle scenes in WD109, 110, etc.
> Just
> like those lead warlords! Argh!
> E. Sund
> ----> I have a few of the infantry, but used 'em as add-ons on bases of
> titans, etc. My old lead Dreadnaughts, however, are my favorites (like
> the old ones better for 40K also - have 2) with the different weapons
> and a back banner on one. Have the old robots also (1 each of the 4
> types) but they've gone the way of Squats and Knights...
> Chris Miller
WOW I didn't realise there were that many lead 8mm figs produced, I've got
some old dreads too and some old robots, in the different configs like
conqueror, castellan (not the knight), crusader, and a few others. I was
lucky enought to get some of the lead mekaniaks, big guns and wartracks in
some blisters of old Titanicus ork vehicles. How I wish they would take
up this pratice again, it would sure win back a hell of a lot of good will
that they have lost.

Rob L.
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