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Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 10:49:22 +1000 (EST)

>> Hell,
>> they took a friend of mine's stockist status as they learned he was selling
>> for cost +5%
>Very odd, that. The only profit margin you friend was cutting into was
>his own. He still paid the same to his supplier, regardless of what
>he sold to his customers for. Why did GW even care about this practice?

They had had a complaint from a local GW stockist that there was someone in
the area who was underselling him. Basically, my friend's parents owned a
CD ROM exchange business and under that name he got GW Stockist status from
GW and started selling GW stuff to us at cost +5% to cover himself. He also
started to sell the stuff at the local gaming club. This club was
"supported", and I use the term VERY loosely, by another stockist who
learned of my friend's practice. He was being undersold, and so he
complained. GW revoked my friend's status claiming he wasn't selling from a
shop front, so they wouldn't supply him. But he and the rest of us know the
real reason. (I'm not being paranoid here, that is the REAL reason. I have
my info from an inside source.)


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