Re: [Epic] Thread on Orcs, AT & LRs

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:07:34 +1000 (EST)

>I'm not an Ork player but I understand what you feel. My problem is
>approximately the same of yours.
>My Eldar opponent uses a lot of fireprisms : anti-tank, range of
>90cm!!!!!!! :(
>90cm is the double of my best space marine unit range!
>So far only one strategy worked well with him : I have to tell him
>that he's a coward until he charges me to prove the opposite... Not a
>good strategy I gess.

Nah, that's a bloody great strategy! I do it to my opponents unless I don't
know them very well. My friends and I taunt each other over the
battlefield. Its just part of friendly rivalry. I have a young 40K Eldar
player at the club I attend who steams at me every time I tell him the Eldar
are a bunch of girls. He keeps on saying "Why?" and I tell him that they
wear skirts and don't fight like real men (I play Imperial Guard, a REAL
man's army!). He keeps saying to me "I'll fight you then and show you that
they can fight!" and he has yet to show up for a battle. I never said his
army can't fight, just that they are girls. Just friendly taunting.

If you taunt your opponent into doing something tactically stupid, than itsa
to your advantage. I've called someone's army cowardly once before and he
threw the game to prove otherwise. Suited me.


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