Re: [Epic] HTML mail and terrain making

From: Antony Van Der Linden <Antony.VanDerLinden_at_...>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 22:47:38 +1000 (EST)

On Sat, 19 Jul 1997, Ken Taborek wrote:

> I get Emmanuel's posts without any HTML code. I am using pine as my email
> client, on a linux redhat box. What os and mail client do you use? And,
> Emmanuel, how about you?
> --Ken Taborek oberon_at_...
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        Ta for the reply on this Ken.
        Wow, now this is strange, I'm also using Pine (V3.93), on a Unix
system through my university. I use a telnet client called SimpTerm on
Win3.11 to access the Unix system. Do you get a HTML version sent with the
message as an attachment? I'm thinking that maybe I just need to try to
get the mailer to show the first part of the message (plain text) instead
of the second (Html version). Will look at the Pine config more closely I

        And now for the more topical part of my post. I have read with
great interest and in fact saved the posts on the terrain thread which
continued for some time. One of our illustrious list members suggested
that someone collect the posts and make a web site about terrain building.
Well, I thought I might do just that, if anyone else thinks its a good
idea. Sadly I don't have a scanner or digtal camera so I can't take any
pics of my examples, which is the main reason I haven't already done this.
Is it worthwhile to just put the advice and hints up, presented nicely (I
think so). Perhaps I could do up the pages and send them to someone to be
part of an established site. I'm a little hesitant about doing my own site
since I'll probably only have convenient free web access for the next 6
months. Anyone, anyone ...

P.S. Have just seen (Carl's (?)) Geneseed site and have to concur with
everyone else that it looks just great. Very nicely thought out and

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