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From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 13:12:24 +1000 (EST)

> Can you describe your enveloping maneuver in more detail? One of the
> areas of E40k that's still pretty grey for me is the limitation on
> charge moves.
> -Lemm

Here goes I apologise for the pathetic ascii diagrams

Table edge

   * * KoS
* * * * x * * * Ork dch with stompers
 * * * x * * *
          x x /-----\ * * *
  x xWH | \
      x |hill |
                  \ ____/
  x = ravenwing
WH = warhound
  Right on turn 2 the ravenwing were on assault orders. During the
movement phase they hid behind the hill and the Warhound advanced. The
Warhound and KoS echanged fire during the shooting phases but the WHs
longer range meant it took no damage and placed a balst marker in return.
Now During assualt movement the ravenwing (btw I'm calling them raveniwng
but I didn't used the special rules, it's just my army is Dark Angels)
moved to within 15 cm of KoS and from the diagram you can also see I sent
some flankers out the trap the KoS in the corner of the tables, With the
Warhounds 12FP support I won the firefight easily, the KoS could not get
more than 15cm from any of my units so were wasted :)
On the next turn the Ravenwing agian went on assault orders and his behind
the hill while the Warhound swung round and shot at the next set of Orks.
During the Assault phase the Ravenwing were out numbered so I tried to
concentrated there firepower onto a few inf units and avoid involving the
stompers with there FP of 4. With the fire fight I was unable to envelope
the detach because of the firepower concentration so the orks were only
pushed back. The same thing happened for another turn at which point the
game was over and I lost due to forgetting to move my Warlord in the
Assualt phase, the shame the shame :(

Hope that helps,

Rob L.
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