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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 09:52:32 -0800

<Kens Disclaimer: I'm NOT a rules god, these are interpretations based on my
readng of the rules from the Ork, Tech Guard and Core Rules books. I'm not a
'Rulezboy' and these answers will be forwarded to the group to make sure
everyone agrees to these interpretations and what to change to clear the
rules up.>

>1. What is the effect of the Vortex missile on a gargant with power fields
>a) Loses all its fields and recieve D6 random hits?
>b) Loses all its fields?

<Ken>That's easy, A.

>2. And what if the gargant have less than its half under the template?

<Ken>I would have to still say A, as long as it touches the actual model.

>3. Placing multiple barage template from a single weapon (i.e. skullcrusha
or deathstrike missile launcher with barrage missile)
>- Is it allowed to overlap the barrage templates or they must to touch each
>other's sides?
>- Is it allowed to place all the templates on the same point?
>- In the case of deathstrike missile launcher with barrage missile the
>additional D6 barage template mast touch the first or is it allowed to
>them in a row?

<Ken>You can place them however you want as long as you fulfill the
obligations for that weapon (i.e. at least two must touch). You may not
place templates to circumvent obstacles nor place templates beyond the range
of the weapon.

>4. Bowelburna
>In the NetEPIC core rules at the description of the the '25cm-long teardrop
>shaped template' apears the bowelburna as an example. But at the
>bowelburna there is no reference to that template. So the bowelburnaa use
>or not?

<Ken> The example in the core Rules is in error, the Bowelburna does not
have a template. This could possibly be a mistake, but until the Ork rules
have been fixed their descriptions take precedence.

<Ken> Thanks for pointing these issues out!

>Thanks in advance!
>Ps: Sorry if i ask evident things, but me and my opponent are beginers.

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