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Subject: [epic] Need Epic Community Input

Hi - This is MeatJam Software here, and we just want to know if anyone here
uses Epic Commander. If so, it would be great if you could Email us the
following information :- (your name will be included in the next versions
credits, when it's finaly released in all it's glory)

Where did you hear about EC?
Have you actually got it to run?
Do you have a copy of MS Visual Basic?
Do you use it regularly?
Can you think of any improvements you'd like to see?
Do you think it's a worth while program?

If you have absolutley no idea what EC is, then just download it from :
I'm crap at describing it, so just download and run it. It's only small.
Some people have problems though, getting 5003 errors, which is the only bug
recorded for the program, probably due to a file that's missing. If you have
MSVB then you'll be fine.

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