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While everyone agrees that heavy infantry are not cheesy in themselves,
armies that have their entire infantry component composed of them are a bit
on the cheddar side. This seems to mainly afflict the Space Marines and
Imperial Guard.
A) Leave everything as it stands.
B) State that one heavy company or detachment may be taken for every two
tactical companies or detachments.
C) Increase heavy infantry point values. If chosen state how much point
value should be increased.

Not a big issue I agree but this could be clearly stated.
A) Leave everything as it is.
B) Only allow the Free cards that currently exist to be used as core rules -
anything else explicitly requires opponent approval.
C) Allow any detachment of 300 or less points to be used as a free card.
D) As B plus allow 300 point discount on other cards if used as a "Free"
card (i.e. Titans)

Are they too powerful for their cost?
A) No, leave them as they are
B) Remove the "destroys all shields" ability (i.e. only causes D6 automatic
C) State it must cover at least HALF of the model to cause damage.
D) As is, but if touching model only causes D6 hits (no automatic shield
E) Increase their cost, and if so how much?

This needs to be cleared up, as people seem to be interpreting this
different ways. Pick and choose from the below possibilities.
A) Templates may not "stacked". Templates must touch at the edges at may not
overlap unless specifically noted as being able to do so.
B) Artillery detachments using the "open sheaf" rules may divide their BPs
over any number of templates up to the number of firing units. These
templates may not overlap.
C) If model is even partly under the template it is affected (this is how AT
did it).
D) Leave everything as it is.

Post your responses, preferrably with at least a short reason (be concise
please). Thanks!
Kenneth Peters
NetEpic Coordinator

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