[NetEpic ML] Re: Favorite armies

From: Michael Judex <a9706399_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 12:54:24 +0100

The Imperial Army, with about 40%Guards, 30%Knights (including Titans
and Guard in support),20%Titans (1 Imperator and Infanterie carried)
and 10 % Marines.
The reason is simple: The Guards supplie me with 4 Companies (1
tactical, support, assault and Bike) who I never have to hesitate about
being used as canon-fodder. The Knights provide most of my armored
support and anty-armor capacities, Whilst the Imperator looks dangerous
(and draws fire as if he wore a HITME banner) . The marines are a mobile
reserve against Breakthroughts, but more or less also cannon fodder.
Until now, I lost often against chaos because of my inability to kill
greater Demons. However, with my new Stormblade (supported by Marauders
and Leman Rus) and Artillery (suppoted by Support guards and
Vindicators) I hope to overcome this drawback.
> Whats your favorite army and why?

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