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From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 21:16:22 +0000


Tzeentch wrote:

> Heheh, can't join the discussion as to what army everyone has as all my
> stuff is boxed up. I have a LOT of models still on sprues and at least..30+
> Warlords still on sprues :) Three painted Imperators, 6 Reavers (4 painted)
> and two Warhounds (just two :) ). I have more Knights then you can shake a
> large stick at. :)
> Cheese Destructors
> This came up on the Epic list so I'll bring it up here too: Fire Control
> Center and Plasma cannons - do plasma destructors get the Fire Control bonus
> when firing? And should PDs be limited to carapace mounts?

Plasma destructors DO get the bonus (the fire control center is NOT a weapon)
and the should be carapace ONLY.

> Attack Bikes
> What do they come out to in the formula?

Want to field this one Birol?

> More Rules Wierdness
> ..nothing new yet. Can't wait to get my hands on Pagemaker though. I can get
> around the time limited versions of Illustrator and Photoshop 5 though... I
> can direct unnamed individuals to the correct locations to use those
> programs if necessary.
> PDF versions of Incoming are...slowly...coming along. Word truly sucks at
> trying to get a nice, consistent layout!

Take your time!


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