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From: Michael Judex <a9706399_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 10:15:31 +0100

Lorenzo Canapicchi wrote:
> Michael Judex wrote:
> >
> > Sounds Okay, But shouln't only Be allowed for Orks. Every Pilot of any
> > race has the right and duty to sacrifice his life for victory if the
> > need should arise.
> Mmmh I remember various discussion on the space-marine list and some answer from
> AC & JJ on the possibility of hitting friendly deatchments if needed (i.e.
> 'couse doing this you could hit also enemy troops) and we came out with the
> conclusion that only tyranids and maybe chaos and orks could do that.
> Thinking of orks mad nature (just think of weirdboys or madboys) sounds ok to
> have a kamikaze squad, but I disagree for example for eldar and maybe marines,
> IG have historically the "uman bomb" of the penatante legion, so we could think
> on this possibility, but seems really a silly decision, even the nippon army
> realized that after the initial surprise, the kamikaze choice was not so
> effective as planned, maybe only a desperate solution.
Thanks, I forgot about this already settled matter. Nevertheless, I
think it would add colour to allow general sacrification. Compare
perhaps the Comic in one of the early Inferno-Magazines. Althought in
that, the Eldar survived, It is not unimaginable for even Eldar or Space
Marines to sacrifice themselfs to destroy an overhwelming foe.


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