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One of the things that net epic has taught me is precisely what you mention. There is a thrill to create units all your own to suit your gaming tastes or to award units who did something spectacular during a game. You might look into the experience system in the last issue of Incoming! that covers just that topic of units gaining experience for cool things they have done and gaining abilities for it.

As you mentioned powers or new units have to be balanced so that they can be fair and worthwhile to play. Its easy to create super-units but those lose their charm fairly quick. It is more of a challenge to design units that are more balanced.


cmackenzie_at_freenet.co.uk wrote:

> Part of the fun of the hobby of Epic SM\TL and NetEpic is surely to design new units that are in character with the rest of the Army. In the battles we fight, my brothers and I try to create new units with special rules, or maybe reward an experienced unit with a small recognition of its achievement (ie the Khorne Juggernaughts destroyed a Titan so in future they plus 1 to damage rolls). Of course to use special or experienced units needs the consent of both sides, but it adds to the campaign if a regiment has a history of your making. Of course designing a new unit relies on being sensible and honest about the army you command. For example we have designed an Ork 'Ooligan Mob which consists of four stands that intimidate other units and possibly get involved in a mass brawl with other Ork and enemy units nearby. This we felt was in keeping with the background of the army and was also highly amusing to see this massive fight breaking out in the middle of a battle. Other units we had included an Eldar Laser Probe controlled by a psychic controller stand, and a Squat Battle Sub Tunneller vehicle that fired tunnelling torpedos similar to mole mortars. Again new units need to be sensible enough to play in a normal battle, and fit in with the unit involved. Sometimes we took ideas from a film such as star wars and had Imperial Jedis that had psychic powers. New units can be a great way to expand any game, but only if you are sensible and don't try to design an unkilliable unit that can destroy everthing in one turn.
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